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Llantwit Major School Ysgol Llanilltud Fawr








Student Council 2021-22

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Meet our School Council

 The Student Council at Llantwit Major School consists of at least two representatives from each year group in Years 7-11 and four from the 6th form.

Pupils on the council are selected by their peers in a democratic election process and meet on a regular basis to discuss a variety of student and whole school issues. 

Student Council

Year 7: Fiona Bailey & Sam Lee

Year 8: Phoebe Joyce Webb & Daniel Qairmuri

Year 9: Niamh Moore & Isla Morris Jones

Year 10: Rocco Thompson Caramella & Faye Taafe

Year 11: Dexter Milburn & Maisy Wiggins

Deputy Senior Prefects

Izzy Thomas

Senior Prefects

Luke Pownall

Lily Starkey

Welsh Phrases for Parents and Guardians -Support students using Welsh at home



School Council Autumn Term 2021 Review:

 Cluster Council

The cluster council recently spent time with our student council exploring the school, asking about life at Llantwit and discussing views on diversity in the new curriculum.

Prefect Team Roles 2021/2022:


Job Description 


Senior Prefect

Coordinate and lead projects reporting to the Governors.   

Luke Pownall

Lily Starkey

Deputy Senior Prefect 

Coordinate and lead projects. Lead student council.  

Izzy Thomas

Wes Baker 

Treasurer x2 

Organises the financial aspects of the Sixth Form including banking and paying deposits etc. 

Joe Minchinton

Jac Roberts 

Sports prefect x2

Organise and lead sports events within the Sixth Form and for the rest of the school as sports leaders.   

Amelia Chappel

Ellis Oliver

Tyler Lavery  

Charity prefect

Create and organise charity events for chosen Sixth Form charities.

Josh Kirkham

Community Prefect 

Helps organise a team during school events e.g. open days / transition / Sixth Form UCAS events & the sixth form room facilities.

Todd James 

Extra curricular & events prefect x 2

Responsible for organising Sixth Form events e.g. Christmas and summer trips. 

Megan Huggins

Jasmine Holland

Sustainability prefect x 2

Responsible for organising Sixth Form events e.g. Christmas and summer trips 

Iona Wilkinson

Ed Summers 

Communications prefect

Organises all media communications - social media / posters / sixth form notices and computer screens etc. 

Mia Griffiths

Prefect chairperson - make minutes and follow up action points from monthly meeting.

Make minutes and follow up action points from monthly meeting.

Sam Hodgson

Ball Committee 

Organises aspects of the ball in conjunction with the wider prefect team. 

Amelia Chappell

Kiera Wherry

Josh Kirkham

Wellbeing Prefect 

Organises all aspects of wellbeing for Sixth Formers 

Bethan Scholes