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Llantwit Major School Ysgol Llanilltud Fawr

Llantwit Major Sixth Form

Llantwit Major School has a strong commitment to provide you with the qualifications and skills to meet the demands of our ever-changing world – and we want you to move on from here with real confidence and assurance. Here are some further points for you to consider. 


Why should I stay on in School?

There are many advantages to continuing your education, Obviously you will gain extra qualifications which are needed for you to access courses at universities and colleges, and employers also look for evidence of education beyond GCSE.

There are also other benefits to staying on

  • You give yourself the time to develop as a person, to become more mature and enhance the social skills necessary for the outside world.
  • Other skills such as time management and independent study will develop, proving to admissions tutors and employers that you are adaptable and can work using your own initiative.


Your education with us in Llantwit Major Sixth Form has many benefits:-

  • You know the school and the school knows you!
  • Familiar teachers and surroundings will help you settle in quickly.
  • Because we know in advance which courses are running and how many students we will have, you will start your course in the first week of term – enrolment in the Sixth Form will only take one day.
  • The vast majority of classes are small and all are run by experienced Sixth Form teachers.
  • Textbooks and many other resources are supplied by the departments.
  • We have great facilities such as a comfortable Common Room, Group Study Room and Silent Study Room for the use of Sixth Form students only, complete with access to 30 computers.
  • We provide excellent pastoral support to help you through problems both academic and personal.
  • You will have access to plenty of help and advice on what to do when you leave the Sixth Form.
  • We provide you with endless opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities outside the classroom to enrich your time with us. 

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What qualifications do I need to get into the Sixth Form?

To allow our pupils to be able to cope with the rigour and dedication required to succeed in sixth form, we have a wide variety of course styles appropriate for a large number of students to cater to all abilities. 

We ask that all students attending Llantwit Major Sixth Form achieve 5 A*-C grades or equivalents. These students will be advised to choose 3 subjects to study alongside the Welsh Baccalaureate. For students who have achieved 7 A*-A grades or more, we suggest they study 4 A- level subjects.