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Llantwit Major School Ysgol Llanilltud Fawr



Why choose psychology?

The human mind is the most complex machine on earth, the source of all thought and behaviour. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind. It is a multidimensional subject which includes many sub-fields of study such as human development, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive processes.


What will I study?

  • Approaches in psychology – You will learn about five psychological approaches: biological, psychodynamic, behavourist, cognitive and positive. Each approach explains human behaviour in a slightly different way.
  • Researches in psychology – You will learn more about how psychologists design and conduct research.

In the second year of A2 you’ll deepen your understanding of psychology by looking at a range of interesting human behaviours. You will study three of the following six behaviours:

  1. Addictive behaviours
  2. Autistic Spectrum behaviours
  3. Bullying behaviours
  4. Criminal behaviours
  5. Schizophrenia
  6. Stress

You will then apply your psychological knowledge to a range of contemporary debates:

  • Cultural bias
  • Ethical costs of conducting research
  • Non-human animals
  • Scientific status
  • Sexism

Practical Research – As part of the A2 course you will review your knowledge of research methods and you will get the opportunity to undertake two of your own research projects. These can be undertaken as a class, in groups, in pairs or individually.


How will I be assessed?

AS – 2, 1 hour 30 minute exams worth 20% of your A Level qualification

A2 – 2 Exams – Unit 3 lasting 2 hours 30 minutes (40%) and unit 4 lasting 1 hour 30 (20%)


What skills will I develop?

Psychology is a great subject to develop a number of transferable skills:

  • Pragmatism
  • Interpersonal awareness
  • Research skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Numeracy and data handling
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Better understanding of self
  • Enhanced understanding of others
  • Literacy