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Yet another set of outstanding Maths GCSE results!!

Year 11 students are celebrating achieving yet another set of outstanding GCSE Maths results which were sat in November.

72% of the year group achieved an A*-C grade with 23% of the grades already being A*-A.  This reflect the continual hard work of the students and the Maths department who supported them to achieve the results.

In order to push standards further, maths groups are now being reorganized and all pupils are being encouraged to achieve an additional maths qualification or even higher GCSE grades.  For those small number of students who just missed out on a C grade, they will be taught in very small teaching groups to ensure they achieve at least a C grade in the summer exam.

We are confident that, for the second year running, the school's maths results will be amongst the best in Wales when results are analysed at the end of the academic year.


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