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Over the last few years our school has been successful in receiving funding from different organisations and charities so we can support the pupils in our school who belong to a Service family.

The funding supports pupils whose parents currently serve for the Ministry of Defence or have done in the last 6 years.

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Currently the school is selling merchandise for the Poppy Appeal. Pupils will be able to buy these items during form time until the 9th November. Items start at 50p.


This year the school have received funding from the Armed Forces Education Trust( AFET) and Supporting Service Children in Education (SSCE)


Armed Forces Education

The Armed Forces Education Trust is a charity working for children and young adults whose education has been compromised or put at risk as a result of parents’ past or current service in our Armed Forces.


Supporting Service Children in Education

The SSCE mission is to provide the best possible educational support to children, by ensuring education professionals understand the issues Service children in Wales may face. The project is a Welsh Local Government Association project initially funded by the MOD Education Support Fund and funded by Welsh Government for 2019.