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Welcome to Llantwit Major School Science Department

The science department at Llantwit Major School places great emphasis on maximising the potential and achievement of each and every student. Through the teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology we offer the pupils the opportunity to discover and experience fascinating scientific phenomena. We ensure pupils are not only challenged to develop their factual understanding of science but are also shown how to develop key scientific skills and apply their scientific understanding to a high level.

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Students are encouraged and shown how to improve their analytical and thinking skills. This helps prepare and equip our students for further studies in the science but also teaches the students essential key skills, which can be used in any future fields of work or education.

Our current GCSE students are about to embark on in depth cases studies on topics such as cloning, food additives and the science of renewable energy. The students will develop their scientific knoweledge of these topics and broaden their understanding of the impact of the science on everyday life.

The science department has further information available on topics being taught in each year group. This information can be accessed through the links on the side bar at the top.