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Year 6  The annual trip to Llangrannog takes place on February 20th-22nd. This trip is aimed at helping you make new friends and will allow to you to meet a few new friendly faces

Year 5  You have a transition day on July 10th at the Comprehensive School with your Year 5 teachers.

Year 5 & 6  Peripatetic instrumental pupils have a transition event on June 26th with a parent concert at 2pm

Year 6  You have a visit by Mrs Ashton (the Pupil Parent Support Officer, or PPSO for short) and Mr Burgum (the Support Centre Manger) at the start of June. Year 7 pupils who used to go to your school will come with them to answer your questions and show you a DVD movie and interactive tour made by pupils.

You have a transition day on July 3rd and a parent concert and information evening starting at 6pm. Apart from meeting your form tutor and doing an orienteering course around the site you will have a lesson in the lab with the Science teachers.

Year 6 teachers have been to see your Year 7 teachers, and Year 7 teachers will see you in your Year 6 class ... so they will know a lot about you before you arrive! You will have extra lessons with Mr Burgum, the English, Maths & Science teachers before you arrive.  You will also meet Mr Ferrier the 5x60 officer - (He does things like Frisbee-golf at the school).


What do I do?

All you need to do is keep trying to do your best.

Every pupil has lots of different talents.

We will help you along the way, and you can check progress with your parents and your form tutor using your Passport.

We have a ceremony in April to celebrate all these achievements. 

What if I am worried?

Everyone worries about moving schools, even if they tell you they don't!

But all of our Year 7s are very happy and some of them will visit so you can ask them questions that you don't want to ask your teachers or parents.

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We do lots of things to help you to get ready, and our school has even won an award for the transition work it does. We change things to make them better every year, and listen to what the Year 6 and 7 pupils tell us.

Important People 

Headteacher - Dr Browne

Pupil support Officer - Mrs Ashton

Leader of School Year 7 - Mr W Miskimmin

Student Support Centre Manager - Mr Burgum

Form tutors: -


Miss Bryant


Miss Clark


Mr Harries


Miss Howe


Miss Jones


Miss Markham



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